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A Field Trip

I am only 3.5 but my brother and sister are older and home-schooled. So I get to go on field trips with them. Two weeks ago we left our home at 8:45am. We stopped in Bow for a bathroom break and to pick up Papa.

We traveled to Weir's Beach where we parked next to a water slide that looked like lots of fun. I wasn't allowed to go in. We ran to a gate where some men searched all of our bags and made us throw away our apples and water bottles.

Then we went through the gate and stood around in a crowd for 3.5 hours waiting for someone to come speak.

I got tired so I laid down and took a nap using a man's boot as a pillow. My baby brother took a nap too! While we slept my older brother met the mother of Senator McCain’s campaign manager, and a man who fought in a famous battle in Vietnam. Mel Gibson starred in a movie about it, “We Were Brothers.”

Finally the woman everyone was waiting for arrived, Governor Sarah Palin. People cheered real loudly for her.
My brother and sister got to meet her. I didn't because I was busy sitting on the ground eating the rest of the cookies in mom's backpack.

At 4:00pm, when it was finally over, we got to play at the park. I think that was the best thing I did all day!

I brought home a campaign pin my Papa bought for me.


More From Our 1 and 2 Year Old Children

Brice was restless during naptime. He would not stop talking and moving around. So when Teresa asked him where his off button was, he said, "Right here," and pointed to his belly button!

At times the children get their words mixed up. Samantha will be sitting on the swing waiting for a push. If no one pushes her she says. "I push you," which of course is what she hears the teachers say to her!

At this age some sounds are easier to say than others.

Can you figure out what Chloe meant when she told Samantha the following while playing with the microwave, "Make toffee miss me?"

Or, how about when Cloe said, "My pingers are freezing?"

Devlyn will ask for help with a southern accent. One time after the teacher came to her aid she added, "You saved me!"

Devlyn says, "Come on ladies," when she is playing with the children and wants to go a different direction!

Why Not Make a Deposit!

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

by Charles R. Swindoll

Get a Jump on the Holidays

Use some of the apples you have picked to create applesauce, Thanksgiving decorations or Christmas ornaments.

Apple Cinnamon Dough Recipe

An easy craft kids of all ages will enjoy doing and a craft that smells YUMMY! Applesauce and cinnamon mix together to make a great dough for making ornaments, decorations for windows or packages or for giving as gifts.


1 cup of ground cinnamon
1 cup of applesauce
1/4 cup of white school glue


Add the cinnamon to the applesauce until it is a clay-like consistency. Add the glue. Once the dough is mixed, create shapes with your hands or roll the dough out and use cookie cutters to make all types of shapes. Use a straw to make a hole in the top for hanging. Place the shapes on a piced of wax paper. It will take 3-5 days to dry. Turnshapes over a couple of times each day so they will dry evenly and flat.
Wiggly eyes, ribbon, or glitter may be added when shapes are hard.

Solar Prints

Here’s a simple but fun science activity your children will enjoy

dark blue construction paper
some leaves
transparent tape

Have your child position some leaves on a sheet of construction paper, using tiny pieces of tape on the underside of the leaves to hold them down.

Place the paper outside in strong sunlight (on the sidewalk, driveway or table). Leave the paper in the sun all day.

At the end of the day have the children carefully remove the leaves. They will discover leaf shapes on the paper. Explain that the sun shining on the paper changed the color somewhat, but the paper under the leaves was not exposed to the sun, so the color stayed the same.

A few funnies from our 1 and 2 year old children

At one and two children are learning to put simple sentences together. Sometimes they cut to the chase and use only one word.

Upon waking from a nap and taking a deep breath, Gwen said, "Cookies!" They had been baked during her nap.

The rain stopped one day and the sun came out. Brice waved his hand and said, "Bye raining."

Whenever Austin hears a noise he doesn't recognize recognize he says, "What's that noisy?"

Upon waking from her nap Devlyn said, "I tooted!"

As children grow their sense of humor changes. Here is a joke Devlyn likes to tell at the snack table.

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"It's Maisy!" (Maisey is a mouse character in a series of books they read.)

As adults we sometimes wonder if the children are learning the appropriate ways to handle situations. The usually quiet Dillon was in a conflict with another children about which one of them would get to use a certain toy. He suddenly spoke up and put two words together quite effectively. What words did he use? "Walk away!"

The following is from one of our older children.

When Samantha's mother arrived Brady said, "She looks just like Samantha, but with no binki!"

Here is one last glimpse of life in the toddler class. Brice invented a new way to have fun on the playground. He takes a shovel and lays it on the ground. Next, he takes a ball and puts it on the shovel. Then he stomps on the handle and sends the ball flying into the air.

Free, Free, Freecycle

Have you ever had stuff you wanted to give away but were not sure who would want it? Have you ever had something you wished you could get for free but did not know who would give it to you?

Well Freecycle may be the answer to your problems. Freecycle is an organization that connects you to the person who wants that treasure in your basement and connects you with the person who has that item you really desire but do not wish to buy.

Here is how frecycle works. A woman needed a daybed for her mother. Deb and I had a daybed we wanted to give away. The woman shared her need on freecycle and I read it. I contacted her and she came and picked up the bed. Deb and I wanted a different Christmas tree. A woman wanted to give her tree away. She listed it on freecycle and we contacted her. I drove down Page Road and picked it up.

Freecycle is an organization that has groups all over the USA. There is one locally in Concord. You can check it out and see if Freecycle is for you at

Innocence is Priceless

One Sunday morning, the pastor noticed little Alex standing in the foyer of the church staring up at a large plaque. It was covered with names and small American flags mounted on either side of it. The six-year old had been staring at the plaque for some time, so the pastor walked up, stood beside the little boy, and said quietly, 'Good morning Alex.'
'Good morning Pastor,' he replied, still focused on the plaque. 'Pastor, what is this? '
The pastor said, 'Well son, it's a memorial to all the young men and women who died in the service.'
Soberly, they just stood together, staring at the large plaque. Finally, Alex's voice, barely audible and trembling with fear asked,
"Which service...the 8:30 or the 10:30?"

Meet Nick Vujicic

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Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron, tells the story of how one couple brings their marriage back from the brink of divorce. As the couple prepares to enter divorce proceedings, Caleb's father challenges his son to commit to a 40-day experiment: "The Love Dare." Wondering if it's even worth the effort, Caleb agrees-for his father's sake more than for his marriage.

When Caleb discovers the book's daily challenges are tied into his parents' newfound faith, his already limited interest is further dampened. While trying to stay true to his promise, Caleb becomes frustrated time and again. He finally asks his father, "How am I supposed to show love to somebody who constantly rejects me?"

For more information go to

Fireproof is playing at the Flagship Cinemas in Derry, NH.


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